Lava Partners is a proven leader in the design, production, and implementation of contemporary packaging. Let our experience work for you.


Founded in 1997, Lava Partners has consistently provided innovative graphic and structural design to a broad spectrum of retail markets. Our clients gain access to a unique array of assets and services focused on today’s retail environment and beyond… More

Lava Products is the engine that drives us, it is the home to all things administrative for Lava Partners and its’ affiliates. Lava Products provides valuable support services for our primary functions… More

Lava Design resides at the hub of our commercial wheel. It drives the creativity that gives Lava Products its’ unique distinction in the realm of graphic and structural design… More

Lava Fulfillment evolved from the needs of our clients to marry the packaging materials and designs that we create with their products, and prepare them for the demands of the marketplace…. More